Welcome Volunteers!

First of all, we want to thank you for visiting our site and expressing interest in becoming a volunteer with us. We are a group that started within a local animal shelter and were identified as “Pit Crew”. We love our block head dogs but we definitely do not stop there. We look forward to working with you and together pushing for a No-Kill County.

We as volunteers understand the complexity of juggling full time jobs but having that “Drive” to help animals and the people who also love them.  We often interact with individuals across our diverse community and we can only thank the community itself that we are a part of. We rely mostly on businesses, rescue organizations, corporations but most importantly PEOPLE. Without our own personal skill diversity, we will not be able to execute our mission to is fullest potential.


Verb (used without object)

1. to offer oneself for some service or undertaking.
2. to enter service or enlist as a volunteer.

Within the world of social media, we must stay competitive in the way we market adoptable animals. This takes on many forms but one that is up front in the options is Facebook. We have three pages that strategically target content to our followers and we encourage our volunteers to help manage and create new content. We have a volunteer group that was created to share information quickly but we are expanding our abilities as we get resources..

805 Bully Friends and Family Facebook Page

My805BFF Facebook Page

Bully Friends and Family Group

Who doesn’t like to share photos and like cute photos that others post? We have launched our Instagram page to help share stories and market many of the dogs we work with. We need experienced Instagrammers to help us build up a larger following.

805 Bully Friends and Family Instagram

Twitter is one more of our social media outlets that is a bit rough at this point. We are looking for volunteers to help utilize this page and news feed.

805 Bully Friends and Family Twitter